Favourite Finds: for Summer

Summertime and the living is easy… Here are some recent finds that I’m coveting for Summer/little ways to bring the Summer feeling to the every day:


1. Try a trilby hat to jazz up your shorts and tee uniform.

2. Custom-made flats will keep you comfy on your adventures.

3. Go on a picnic with a large picnic basket -  4. wipe up your spills with cute pineapple print napkins and 5. cork your wine with a whimsical stopper.

6. If a picnic is too much, tote this starfish lunch kit along to work to put a smile on your face midday.

7. Stick a fish on the wall (love the play on words ;)

8. Throw a flamingo backyard party with cute straws and 9. paper plates.


Of note: Summer



Today is the first day of Summer! Are you making the most of it? I plan to lug my big belly around on a few walks and spend time out on the deck with my man. My to-do list is focused on fun and relaxation as the week coming up will be a busy one.

This Summer I will…

Sip: I’m really big on infusing water with fruits and herbs throughout the year, and this recipe just screams summer – can’t wait to try!

Eat: Lunches lately have been hard-boiled eggs on salads and plan to repeat both this and this often as they are so easy, filling and healthy.

Read: this interview with Arianna Huffington on vision on leadership, sustainability and mindset. Have you read her book Thrive? It’s definitely on my to-read list.

Buy: Not sure what my body will be like after baby so happy to see one-piece swimsuits are in fashion! Off to find one!



As someone who has to spend a lot of time on the internet for work, I come across some pretty awesome links, ideas, photos, items, etc. and thought why keep these all to myself? Every so often I post a curated list of all the awesomeness! See past editions here.

Of-note: 07/06/14


June already!

May was such a busy month, that June has honestly snuck up on me- for you too?

This month will see me busy with baby prep and frantically tying up loose ends at work. We’ve luckily got some help with my role at Revive, but I will continue to work on My Viva Plan until delivery date, as it’s my other baby that I can’t step away from!

What’s happening on My Viva Plan this month. Will you join me in the cardio challenge?


This weekend…

Eat: any of these stress-busting foods during this hectic month!

Read: looking at some light summer material- this and this top my list.

Shop: two local shops I need to check out. My gal Gillian at City & Dale previewed them both: for mamas – Minie Prive and for foodies – Knifewear

Freeze: some popsicles (a huge craving of mine right now) – here’s 33 options to try!


As someone who has to spend a lot of time on the internet for work, I come across some pretty awesome links, ideas, photos, items, etc. and thought why keep these all to myself? So every week I post a curated list of all the awesomeness! See past editions here.

Spring Cleaning around here.


I am in full on nesting mode these days. Not only setting up the nursery, but picking up home items that I’ve been coveting for months/years, putting together patio furniture and the typical spring cleaning to-dos.

Speaking of spring cleaning, loved this article on how it’s not  just good for your physical space these days- your virtual life may benefit from a deep clean, too

Some links from the week I found interesting:

DIY body butter that sounds so yummy you want to eat it!

How to Pack the Perfect Picnic

Lots of yummy recipes and ideas for strawberries in William’s Sonoma Ingredient Spotlight.


Favourite Finds for Spring:
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Of note: Mother’s Day


Happy Mother’s Day mamas (and mamas-to-be!) While I will be spending time with the moms in my life this weekend, I’m also so excited to become a mama myself in just over two months and will take a little time to work on baby’s nursery on Sunday. (photo cred: had to get head-shots for My Viva Plan recently, and the lovely Linda Patterson snapped a few of my belly for me as I haven’t been that good at documenting it myself.) Some links for the week:

Still haven’t made your reservations for Mother’s Day – check what’s available here (you can enter any city anywhere!)

Cooking for her at home?

Love this – Wise Food Advice from our Moms (via Bon Appetit)

This weekend…

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