Life Lately: Winter 2013


Started out the season with an engagement! B and I have been together 8 years, and now ready to start a family, decided 2014 is the year to get married. I am very untraditional about weddings (see potential wedding dresses here), so it’s not going to be a typical affair. Stay tuned to my Instagram for some details!

Lived on this granola! Did you know cocoa is

As someone who loves ritual and routine, (and is ever curious about others)   this book became one of my favourite reads.

Did a fun Holiday lifestyle shoot for My Viva Plan with the lovely Linda Patterson of Timeless Edge photography and creative genius Cory Christopher.


What were some of the highlights of your Winter? Did you have a good Holiday season?


Health Benefits of tea

On Callie's Plate Le Creuset tea Kettle

One of the first things I do every morning is fill up my kettle for tea. I love the ritual of the preparation and the simple joy that comes from it.

Beyond that, the health benefits are incredible.

Research suggests tea has multiple paths of action including detoxification of chemicals, increasing the level of cellular antioxidant defense which lowers risk of cancers and atherosclerosis (narrowing of the blood vessels), immune system stimulation, and promoting healthful gut bacteria.

- from Revive Wellness’ superfood of the month feature.


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Dessert: Banana Soft Serve

I’m not talking about banana-flavored soft serve; I’m talking about soft serve made from bananas!

I can’t remember where the idea originally came from, but someone, somewhere decided to freeze bananas and then run them through a food processor until they whip themselves into a soft-serve consistency. Pure. Genius.

Here’s the “recipe”: Take two bananas, break them into three or four chunks and freeze in Ziploc bags. Once frozen, put the chunks into your food processor and let run for a few minutes, scraping sides as needed. The pieces will eventually break down and turn into a fluffy soft serve consistency.

Be warned however, that you need a good food processor to do this. I broke two (yes, two) of the small, cheap kinds before I bought myself a large powerful Kitchenaid.

Then, I discovered this:

A contraption made specifically for this process! Pure. Genius.

It’s called Yonanas and has completely changed my life dessert habits. Because the only ingredients are bananas (and other frozen fruit), it satisfies the dessert cravings of those with allergies and intolerances. Kids love it too!

Here’s a list of where to buy(I found mine at Bed, Bath and Beyond.) If you’re skeptical, check out the demo on their website.

The Weekly Round-Up: Halloween

Halloween Printable we love from

Looking for last minute decor ideas? Here’s two ideas (including the printable above all ready for you) that look fairly easy but oh so cool. Note: if pinning the above image, please do so directly from Michelle’s blog.

Also scrambling for your costume? These DIY ideas are pretty funny.

Offset the kids’ candy consumption by creating a fun veggie tray. I’m pleased to spot this round-up of 21 healthy halloween snacks for kids and adults alike! Can’t wait to try the deviled eggs.

Forgoing candy altogether? The Dietitians at Revive Wellness like to give out pens/ pencils, stickers, stamps, coloring books…Check the Dollar store for a great affordable selection.

On that note, you may be surprised to know that nutritionist Loreen does not put a limit on the treats her kids will eat at Halloween. Read more about what she does here.

Did you save the seeds from your Jack-O-Lanterns? If you are tired of roasting the same kind every year, these five flavours look delish!

Fun story: Real Estate’s 10 Most Haunted Houses on the Market


We’d love to know- what are you being for Halloween?

The Weekly Round-Up: 18/10/2013


In complete Fall mode this week, I was either outdoors delighting in the colourful foliage or inside with big mugs of tea and my computer! Some links I came across which may be of interest:

Bringing Fall indoors with Martha Stewart or if you’re more interested in transforming your place for Halloween, check out these creepy décor ideas!

The world’s best chefs and food writers recommend these cookbooks.

A blogger I enjoy started a series called “do what you love”; her first piece is about getting started. (sometimes it’s the hardest part!)

The Sunday Night Blues are real…and how to avoid them.

Related: 6 scents that can transform your mood.


Weekend to-do list:

Read: It’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and Loreen from Revive Wellness wrote an article about a less-talked about risk factor- working night shift.

Buy: Speaking of big mugs of tea…have you seen the Fall collection at David’s Tea. I’m leaning towards Mom’s Apple Pie.

DIY: I’m not a big fan of carving pumpkins but love using them as decor. This round-up of 10 No-carve Pumpkin ideas is right up my alley!

Make: I do however, love roasting the seeds afterwards – following these step-by-step instructions.


*photos from my Instagram feed