Gluten free, Dairy free Pumpkin Pie Custard

A couple years ago I shared the recipe for my Grandma’s Pumpkin Pie on City and Dale, and a little story about her and our family gatherings (boy do I miss both.)

Pumpkin remains my favourite pie but what I didn’t share is that I only really like the filling!

My lovely Aunt Colette brought me a wonderful postpartum treat – she tweaked Grandma’s recipe to make it a custard and gave me a huge casserole dish full! Luckily I have her permission to share it with you:

Gluten-free, Dairy-free, Pumpkin Pie Custard



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Of Note: Early Fall

Daily Rituals


Fall delights my senses: the foliage brightens my vision; the flavours, my taste; and the cozy sweaters feel like a dream. Further, I thrive on routine and while I am no longer a student, September still makes me get back to one.

Links lately and an early Fall to-do list:

Read: I enjoyed Daily Rituals awhile ago, but am ready to re-visit it! 

Shop: Sweaters! J.Crew is always good for a few.

Eat: I don’t care if it’s a foodie cliche, I still adore everything pumpkin!

Decorate: So many great ideas here. I especially like the glass dome idea.

Start:  Anything of my bucket listed (posted yesterday.) so that I can feel ahead of the game ;)


As someone who has to spend a lot of time on the internet for work, I come across some pretty awesome links, ideas, photos, items, etc. and thought why keep these all to myself? So every week I post a curated list of all the awesomeness! See past editions here.

My Fall Bucket List (2014)


☐ Pick some apples…

☐ then make apple chips

☐ Visit a pumpkin patch…

☐ then toast the seeds

☐ Take baby Bennett on a nature walk (and bring the camera!)

☐ Get a good start on Bennett’s baby book.

☐ Attempt three recipes that have been on my list for ages but am too hesitant to try.

☐ Start working out again. My Viva Plan just uploaded new videos from the new affiliate B3.

☐ Make a budget for the Holidays.

☐ Get organized: in the kitchen and the office.


What’s on your bucket list?

Life Lately: Spring/Summer 2014


Before I knew it, Spring was over and our due date was fast approaching! Spent the last few weeks before it on mat leave and tried to take it easy (popsicles and feet up on the couch when I could) but still felt like I wasn’t prepared for baby Bennett!

Got the nursery set up just in the nick of time. Love his Baby Letto – Modo crib.

Found a new favourite cookbook – Mr. Wilkinson’s vegetables. Really made me wish I was better at gardening.


Food and drink wise, I ate a lot of toast – most days was the only thing I felt like getting down in the mornings. But when my appetite was good, I tried to get in as many greens as I could and got a egg-on-salad kick:

Bottom left: romaine, orange pepper, chickpeas, and herbs de provence infused oil from Evoolution.

Bottom right: mixed greens and beets with evoo and balsamic.

Favourite Finds: for Summer

Summertime and the living is easy… Here are some recent finds that I’m coveting for Summer/little ways to bring the Summer feeling to the every day:

1. Try a trilby hat to jazz up your shorts and tee uniform.

2. Custom-made flats will keep you comfy on your adventures.

3. Go on a picnic with a large picnic basket -  4. wipe up your spills with cute pineapple print napkins and 5. cork your wine with a whimsical stopper.

6. If a picnic is too much, tote this starfish lunch kit along to work to put a smile on your face midday.

7. Stick a fish on the wall (love the play on words ;)

8. Throw a flamingo backyard party with cute straws and 9. paper plates.